Tran Wills, Co-Founder, Base Coat Nail Salon

Tran Wills-Base Coat Nail Salon-Stay Boutique Live

A little bit about Tran…

When Tran Wills was pregnant with her fourth child, she decided she wanted one last pedicure before going into the hospital. Upon waiting for a treatment at a neighborhood salon, her nose started bleeding and she became nauseous due to the smells and harsh chemicals. She immediately walked out and, in her gut, knew that it was time for a better option—a healthier salon environment that everyone (even pregnant women, nursing moms, and those with allergies) could enjoy and benefit from.Tran had owned many businesses, collaborated with artists, worked as the social media director for a large online retailer, planned events, and helped build the creative community in Denver. She had acquired a list of accolades and, more importantly, developed a keen sense for community-based marketing and brand building. After spending years researching non-toxic nail products, she realized it was time to harness all that she had learned—and in 2013, she founded Base Coat as the first non-toxic nail salon in Denver, and one of only a few in the United States.

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Tran @ Stay Boutique Live

Tran will be joined with her Co-Founder, Sarah Simon, to speak at on the Boutique Clean Beauty Panel on February 13 during The Female Empowerment Edition.

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Tran Wills-Sarah Simmon-Base Coat Nail Salon-Stay Boutique Live

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