Chelsea Nassib, Founder, Tappan

Chelsea Nassib-Tappan-Stay Boutique Live

A little bit about Chelsea…

Aiming to bring art back into the common conversation, Chelsea N. Nassib co-founded Tappan to change the way emerging artists connect with their collectors and the world. Tappan is a curated platform that supports emerging artists by sharing their work through e-commerce, crafting digital context, and the Tappan Studio a recently-opened physical space and artists-in-residency program in Los Angeles.

Tappan's main goal is to change both collectors' and artists' relationship with the arts and between each other. Tappan has and will continue to change the way the next generation experiences art buying.

Founded in 2012, Tappan serves to foster the careers of emerging artists by giving them an online platform to sell their work, to tell their story and to reach collectors all over the world. Nassib combined her passion for supporting the arts with the foresight that collectors would purchase art online. Through reaching out to peers from her BFA program and artist friends, Nassib built a strong roster of artists and Tappan pioneered the act of collecting Emerging Art through digital means.

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Chelsea @ Stay Boutique Live

Chelsea will be speaking on the main stage during the Female Empowerment Edition on February 13.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Tappan-Chelsea Nassib-Stay Boutique Live
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