Zak Normandin, Co-Founder & CEO, Dirty Lemon

Zak Normandin-Dirty Lemon-Stay Boutique Live

A little bit about Zak…

Zak Normandin is an award-winning entrepreneur disrupting the way businesses create, communicate and deliver consumer goods. Normandin has over ten years of experience as a product designer in the food and beverage industry and is responsible for branding more than 30 consumer products sold in all major grocery stores worldwide. In 2015 Normandin launched DIRTY LEMON, the world’s first direct-to-consumer beverage brand that sells exclusively by text message. Backed by A-List celebrities and business leaders alike, DIRTY LEMON is recognized nationally by media outlets such as New York Times, Vogue,  Fast Company and AdWeek. In developing this proprietary technology, Normandin built a conversational commerce platform that provides effortless transactions, bypassing existing distribution inefficiencies, to improve the customer’s experience. Normandin recognizes a stagnant industry primed for reinvention and aims to expand his innovative distribution strategy to meet the rapidly evolving preferences of the modern consumer while building the beverage company of the future.

Learn more about Zak’s brand, Dirty Lemon, here —->

Zak @ Stay Boutique Live

Zak will be speaking on the main stage on February 12 during the Leadership Edition.

Stay tuned for more details!

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