Lynn Easton, Co-Founder, Easton Porter Group

Lynn Easton-Easton Porter Group-Stay Boutique Live

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Lynn @ Stay Boutique Live

Lynn will be speaking on the main stage on February 12 at 12:10 PM during the Leadership Edition, alongside her husband and business partner, Dean Porter.

New England culture is particularly inclined toward the boutique, a quality not lost on the Easton Porter Group Co-Founders Lynn Easton and Dean Porter Andrews. The Group offers unique and beautiful experiences of food, wine, and living; as well as ideal locations for the destination wedding. Lynn and Dean speak to our audience about their personal jump from corporate positions to launching their very own hospitality group, the benefits of boutique, and how to run a business with a loved one.

Lynn Easton-Dean Porter Andrews-Easton Porter Group-Stay Boutique Live

Ariela Kiradjian