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A Little Bit About Gulla…

Gulla was recently coined as the new Zaha Hadid by the Huffington Post and has in her career worked on renowned projects in USA, Japan, Mexico, Iceland, Paris, Beirut, Bahamas and China.

Gulla Jónsdóttir creates unexpected and poetic modern architecture and interior spaces.  Known for her sensual and dynamic forms that work in harmony with their surroundings, Gulla's environmental compassion brings unique spatial experiences that respond to nature and surrounding site, always echoing the integration of organic beauty and function.

Icelandic-born Gulla Jónsdóttir studied mathematics before moving to Los Angeles to study architecture at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). Before starting her own firm in 2009, she worked for Richard Meier, Walt Disney Imagineering, and Dodd Mitchell Design. In 2017, she completed the design of the first hotel in the West Hollywood design district, called the La Peer hotel, and recently opened her first gallery with the hotel, called Gulla Jonsdottir Atelier.

Gulla has in her career of architecture and design received several awards including Interior Design’s Best of year winner 2017 for Resort design: The Macau Roosevelt in Macau, China.

Some of her most notable projects are:

The 2 Michelin star Le Grand Restaurant, by Jean-Francois Piege in Paris. La Peer hotel in West Hollywood, The Macau Roosevelt hotel in China, The Mayfair hotel, downtown Los Angeles, Comal at Chileno Bay, Los Cabos, Mexico and the

Renovation of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

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Gulla @ Stay Boutique Live

Gulla will be speaking on the main stage on February 12 at 11:50 AM during the Leadership Edition.

Gulla Jónsdóttir is, if anything, a revolutionary within the world of design. The Icelandic designer has created inventive and unconventional spaces celebrated by the boutique hotel community (see the Kimpton La Peer), concepts such as skyscrapers in Dubai, furniture, and even jewelry, each united by an aesthetic essence that is simply, her. We speak to Gulla Jónsdóttir about her experiences as a female innovator, and the impact of design elements within

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