Rachel Hazlett, CEO, Lucky 420

Rachel Hazlett-Lucky 420-Stay Boutique Live

A Little Bit About Rachel…

Rachel is on a mission to shake up the status quo in society and in business. Her background in journalism and documentary filmmaking led her to a career in marketing and entrepreneurship where she worked in non-profit media, the food industry, and fair-trade clothing. She sees the for-profit sector as an influential (and economically sustainable) arena to make a social impact and she saw the emerging cannabis industry as a perfect fit for revolutionizing business practices, internal and external. She founded Lucky 420 in 2016, a cannabis manufacturing company based in Northern California. The company aims to consider human needs, ecological health, social impact, and profit earnings--proving that these are not mutually exclusive. The brand uses its platform to spread a message of elevating consciousness and fighting the good fight through “The 420 Force.”  

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Rachel @ Stay Boutique Live

Rachel will be speaking on the main stage on February 13 at 12:50 PM during the Female Empowerment Edition.

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