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Began in 2012 as an event aimed at elevating the voice of hoteliers in the boutique sphere, this conferences now reaches every corner of an exciting niche that has had a long climb to legitimacy. The Boutique and Lifestyle Leaders Association is the premier authority on all things boutique. In 2017 the association re -branded The Boutique & Lifestyle Leadership Symposium and launched the Stay Boutique Leadership Conference. In its rebirth, the event shattered all preconceptions about what a hospitality conference is and should be. Boutique Hotels have fought their way to legitimacy, and in their wake, other industries are seizing the opportunity to innovate. The world has woken up to the idea that a wholesome, immersive experience can be provided by any business and to any patron. Now more than ever businesses are discovering ways to intertwine their offerings into people’s lives. This refocus on continuity coupled with a new focus on virality or “Instagramability” has created an environment for boutique businesses to flourish.

about the leaders

Hoteliers, designers, suppliers, artisan coffee brewers, artists, independent retailers and even consumers congregate at the Leadership Edition to gain the inspiration needed to push boutique forward. The leaders who power these businesses gather each year in Los Angeles for a dynamic, thought-provoking two and a half day intensive on the status of our industry. Hotels are now inspired a plethora of lifestyle trades, making it essential to learn from the leaders dominating these fields. Progressive entrepreneurs who have tapped into the potential band together each fall at the Leadership Conference to push boutique forward. The group BLLA gathers for this annual event serves as the catalyst for innovation that elevates hospitality in its entirety.



BLLA and Stay Boutique reach the whole of hospitality & boutique with our community outreach, event hosting, and digital portals. Our audience is comprised of professionals who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and fervent love of their industries. Hoteliers are joined by renowned developers, designers, technologists, restaurateurs, publicists, leaders of wellness brands, heads of fashion houses and the organizations who supply these industries.

The next installment

We will be back in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2020.

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