BLLA Events Testimonials

“The production quality and seamless execution of this event truly impressed me.  As someone who has participated in several similar functions, the professional caliber of the participants and the direction of the agenda is spot on. I must say that as someone who produces events, I recognize the challenges and I take notes at these conferences so that I can learn how to be better at what I do.” - Jody Pennette, cb5 Hospitality

The BLLA Conference triumphs again!  The format and constant wonderful speakers make this event one to not miss
— Marty Vorko, Twelve Thirteen ID
“The BLLA Conference was very enlightening and someone who has been involved in the Hospitality industry it really was great to see the new ideas and the detailed insight to a niche that has largely been ignored by the 'major' conferences. The meeting logistics were first class and the care given to us as vendors was again second to none.  I had access to all attending and all that were there made it a point to talk to anyone that approached them. Thank you, Frances, for making this conference a true reflection of BLLA and the Boutique Lifestyle.” - Yogi Rawal, MCOMS

“It was exactly the kind of event that my company needed to be a part of. Being the first of our type in our part of the world, Nigeria, it was encouraging to see that some of the steps we are already taking are exactly the steps other world leaders in hospitality are taking. It was a huge refresher course for me, opening my eyes to what my company is missing and reminding me of things that I had forgotten. Meeting all those people, rubbing minds, it was the boutique hoteliers dream come true. Thank you indeed!” - Anthony Shishler, Fahrenheit Hospitality Limited

“I enjoyed all the social media discussions and presentations. Loved the great insights about the on-going changes in this industry including discussions about healthy brands, wellness travel, direct booking discussions and insights.” - Gerard Kiladjian, Portland Harbor Hotel

“This conference draws the leaders in boutique lodging, providing the content focused on this segment of the hospitality industry.” - Don Smith, The Guestbook
Content was KING at this one day packed-with-facts-&-figures event. Great choice of knowledgeable influencers in the boutique hotel industry.
— Jim Engel, Bavarian Inn

“High quality discourse that had immediate relevance to projects I am working on.” - Larry Spelts, Charlestowne Hotels

"BLLA attracted some of the best and brightest hoteliers, media representatives, and hospitality designers. The speakers were top notch and extremely informative." - Gary Inman, Baskervill

“I thought the conference was fantastic.  There was Great networking, and the amount of education I walked away with is priceless.” - Timesh Patel, Hotel Owner

“Thank you for providing this engaging platform for independent boutique hoteliers to connect with each other, as well as, the time to build relationships with the highest quality vendors that we crave to do business with!  This was my first BLLA conference and I can't wait for the next conference!” - Heidi Stone, Mountain Lake Lodge

“The conference was really well planned and executed with excellent presenters and topics.  I am new to the industry and needed more basic information but I found everything to be very worthwhile.  I learned how much I don't know about the industry and that is very valuable.” - Mark Schnepf, Schnepf Farms

“Excellent Event. No overlapping sessions. Candid conversations in an informal setting amongst informed participants.” - Sundeep Khosla, Lucero, Panama

"The subject matters discussed at the BLLA conference were extremely pertinent to the current hospitality industry.  The speakers were both engaging and informative.  This is a conference to be repeated!” - Kate Templin, JLT

“The atmosphere BLLA provided was very welcoming, the vendor displays lovely and the conference center very accommodating. As a first-year attendee I was not sure what to expect and found it to be a lovely networking event. The Awards Gala was lovely and a more perfect venue could not have been selected.” - Casey Corser, Agilysys