The Female Empowerment Edition

February 13
Location: The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles
A part of Stay Boutique Live, The Trifecta

About the 2019 Female Empowerment Edition

Transformed from the (Travel Industry) Executive Women's Conference, The Female Empowerment Edition recognizes women internationally who lead in fields related to boutique, hospitality, travel, and tourism. This conference consciously creates a forum for women to support each other and to discuss, debate, and deliberate on issues of importance as it relates to the modern female achiever. As our community grows, we feel it’s important to tackle issues that influential women in the travel, tourism, boutique, and hospitality spaces much face. We consciously support all avenues to success for our network of femme entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Speakers

Frances & Ariela Kiradjian, Co-Founders, Stay Boutique
Lisa Odenweller
, Founder, Beaming & Jayde
April Uchitel, CEO, Violet Grey
Nicole Centeno, Founder & CEO, Splendid Spoon
Chelsea Nassib, Founder, Tappan
Coly Den Haan, Founder, Vinovore
Kim Malek
, Founder & CEO, Salt and Straw
Sara Tan
, Senior West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor, Bustle
Melissa Biggs Bradley
, Founder, Indagare
Katharine Polk
, Founder, KRP Creative & HOUGHTON NYC
Jash Mehta
, Co-Founder, Pop & Bottle
Carly Stein
, Founder. Beekeepers Naturals
Ara Katz
, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Seed
Lola Langusta
, Founder, Stoned Fox
Bianca Monica
, Founder, Limone Creative
Evelyn Rusli
, Co-Founder & President, Yumi
Caitlyn Chase,
Founder, Caviar & Cashmere
Victoria Hoff,
Wellness Editor & Managing Editor, The/Thirty
Natalie Alcala
, Founder, Fashion Mamas
Michelle Planta
, Executive Director & Creative Strategy, Clique Brands
Anita Patrickson
, Founder & CEO, Amanu
Christy Baird
, Founder & Creative Director, LOHO Bride
Rachel Hazlett, CEO, Lucky 420
Angela Mou, Founder, Elevate Jane
April Brown, Co-Founder, The June Motel

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The Agenda


8:00 - 10:00 am B-Fast
Get Your Breakfast Grub @ The Stay Boutique Food Hall | Smoothies Hosted by Splendid Spoon | Immerse Yourself in the World of Cannabis @ The Stoned Fox Pop-Up | Explore Boutique Brands, Concepts & Experiences @ The Stay Boutique Village | Meet Fellow Female Boutique Minds @ The Stay Boutique Lounges

10:00 - 10:05 am Welcome
with Frances & Ariela Kiradjian, Co-Founders, Stay Boutique

10:05 - 10:20 am Story
I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Salt & Straw
with Kim Malek, Founder & CEO, Salt and Straw
There is something timeless to ice cream - the dessert is undeniably refreshing, nostalgic, and exciting. Salt & Straw, the boutique artisan ice cream shop, offers an adult reworking of the dessert; the concept offers seasonal flavors each inspired by individual shop location (and created from only local ingredients), supplying an array of experimental and delectable renditions of the traditional dessert (vegan options included). Kim Malek, Salt & Straw’s founder, discusses her experience as a woman in the culinary industry, starting her own business, and reinventing a childhood favorite food in the boutique sphere.

10:20 - 10:45 am Spotlight
Boutique Wellness and Business Lessons
with Lisa Odenweller, Founder, Beaming & Kroma Superfoods
Interviewed by Frances Kiradjian,
Co-Founder & CEO, Stay Boutique and BLLA
Beaming is a Southern California cafe dishing out wellness, helping its patrons radiate from the inside out with their menu of juices and superfoods. The brainchild of Lisa Odenweller, Beaming was born from her passion for wellness and mission to simplify healthy living. Her trendy, inviting cafe’s can be found throughout the Los Angeles and San Diego counties, ensuring the highly health conscious have access to all the kale and legumes they can consume. Lisa joins Stay Boutique Live to chat about what it is to be a female entrepreneur and the future of wellness brands, particularly in relation to her latest venture, Jayde.

10:45 - 11:10 am Spotlight
Being a Boutique Female CEO
with April Uchitel, CEO, VIOLET GREY
Interviewed by Anita Patrickson, Founder & CEO, Amanu
April Uchitel has taken all of her years trailblazing through the fashion, beauty, and tech industries to VIOLET GREY, where, as CEO, she has developed an innovative company culture that takes Hollywood’s hottest new makeup brands to the next level. Navigating through the corporate world as a female leader, April has taken her lessons and triumphs and ensured that every company she is a part of thrives in an ever changing industry. What began as a search for the best eyelash curler has turned into a boutique cosmetic empire, led by April and other industry experts who know the business inside and out.

11:10 - 11:30 am Spotlight
Boutique and Beekeeping
Carly Stein, Founder, Beekeepers Naturals
Interviewed by Sara Tan, Senior West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor, Bustle
Carly Stein is redefining the perception of beekeepers and bees themselves through her boutique venture, Beekeeper’s Naturals. The young entrepreneur discovered the benefits of propolis, a protective resin produced by bees, as remedy for a severe case of tonsillitis that she developed while studying abroad. The benefits of propolis came without any negative byproducts characteristic of its western medicinal counterparts for Carly, and served as the inspiration for development of BKN’s signature throat spray; and the reason for BKN’s entire conception. Beekeeper’s Naturals offers an array of entirely natural products produced in part, by bees themselves. Each executive team member practices beekeeping themselves, and BKN donates a portion of profits to bee research, resulting in a company passionate about its suppliers, perhaps the definition of boutique.

11:30 am - Noon Morning Break
The Drinks & Snacks are on us @ The Stay Boutique Food Hall | Immerse Yourself in the World of Cannabis @ The Stoned Fox Pop-Up | Explore Boutique Brands, Concepts & Experiences @ The Stay Boutique Village | Meet Fellow Female Boutique Minds @ The Stay Boutique Lounges

Noon - 12:10 pm Story
The Mother-Daughter Duo Behind the Boutique Movement
with Frances & Ariela Kiradjian, Co-Founders, Stay Boutique .

12:10 - 12:40 pm Spotlight
Clarifying Boutique Wellness Culture and Being a Female Leader
with Nicole Centeno, Founder & CEO, Splendid Spoon
Interviewed by Victoria Hoff, Wellness Editor & Managing Editor, The/Thirty
Of the boutique wellness companies shaking up the industry, Splendid Spoon takes a position as one of the most influential. Founder Nicole Centeno left a position at Conde Nast to pursue a souping company that has now become one of the most widespread dining services for working individuals who want a balanced and flavorful experience without the hassle of cooking. We interview Nicole about what boutique wellness really means, balancing work and family life, and the importance of taking care of oneself.

12:40 - 12:50 pm Story
The Boutique Motel Reimagined
with April Brown, Co-Founder, The June Motel
The concept of the “basic bitch” has in the past few years, been developed, protested, and reclaimed. The “basic bitch” for those unfamiliar - is the girl who loves rose, brunch, cycling classes, and instagramming all of it - and we all know an abundance of multidimensional women who fit that description. The June Motel, in Prince Edward County Canada, and winner of Stay Boutique’s “Best Boutique Instagrammer” award of 2019, embraces, celebrates, and profits off of the prevalence of the “basic bitch.” To tell the story of reclamation, passion and prosperity, Stay Boutique is thrilled to welcome April Brown - the woman who has embraced and celebrated “basic bitch” culture experientially, and more than successfully, to our stage.

12:50 - 1:30 pm Panel
Leading Ladies of Boutique Cannabis & How They Empower
with Lola Langusta, Founder, Stoned Fox
Rachel Hazlett, CEO, Lucky 420
Angela Mou, Founder, Elevate Jane
Interviewed by Bianca Monica, Founder, Limone Creative

1:30 - 3:00 pm Lunch
Stay Full & Stay Drunk @ The Stay Boutique Hall | Immerse Yourself in the World of Cannabis @ The Stoned Fox Pop-Up | Explore Boutique Brands, Concepts & Experiences @ The Stay Boutique Village | Meet Fellow Female Boutique Minds @ The Stay Boutique Lounges

2:00 - 2:30 pm Salon
Women in Boutique Wine
with Coly Den Haan, Founder, Vinovore
Coly Del Haan refers to herself as an HBIC, or “Head Beast in Charge,” an appropriate title for the restaurateur and sommelier turned wine shop founder. Vinovore, Den Haan’s unconventional take on a wine shop, borrows elements of Den Haan’s previous experiences in the restaurant industry with its inviting decor and code to assist in the selection of the perfect wine for any preference, but is perhaps most notable for its feature of entirely female winemakers. Den Haan has created a platform that encourages women to thrive and learn about their tastes in wine as well - which we will get to learn about first hand through a wine tasting with the HBIC herself.

3:00 - 3:20 pm Spotlight
Cleaning Up Coffee
with Jash Mehta, Co-Founder, Pop & Bottle
Interviewed by Natalie Alcala, Founder, Fashion Mamas
Pop & Bottle is a female founded and run company that offers a boutique alternative to the typical morning latte run- a completely wholesome pre-packaged latte. Co-Founders Jash and Blair, friends who travelled from London to LA, dove into Californian wellness culture head first, and as a result developed their line of health oriented lattes with exceptional taste as the main objective. Available now online and as a subscription service, Pop & Bottle is a true testament to female empowerment, and we have the opportunity to speak with Jash about her experience as a woman in the world of boutique food and wellness.

3:20 - 3:40 pm Spotlight
Boutique Modern Bridal and New Chapters
with Katharine Polk, Founder, KRP Creative & HOUGHTON NYC
Interviewed by Christy Baird, Founder & Creative Director, LOHO Bride
Houghton founder Katharine Polk has more or less reinvented the meaning of the bridal collection through the lens of the modern woman. Houghton, named after style icon Katharine Houghton Hepburn, introduced an edgier line of bridal attire - ranging from the deconstructed gown to the tailored pantsuit, all while providing the consumer a thoroughly boutique experience. In 2018, Katherine announced the close of Houghton in pursuit of a new, equally inspired bridal venture, KRP Creative to be launched this year. We sit down and talk with Katharine about the process of creating a monumentally successful boutique fashion line, closing the chapter, and beginning a new one with her line KRP Creative.

3:40 - 4:00 pm Spotlight
Globalizing Culture, Art, and the Maintenance of Boutique
with Chelsea Nassib, Founder, Tappan
Interviewed by Caitlyn Chase, Founder, Caviar & Cashmere
In 2012, Chelsea Nassib co-founded Tappan, a digital art gallery that features a carefully curated selection of emerging artists.  Citing her own experience entering the industry directly out of art school, Nassib was inspired to create a boutique gallery that exposes these artists to seasoned and novice collectors alike.  Tappan has expanded to include a supplementary physical gallery based out of Los Angeles, where the team also mentors a developing artist in residence. Chelsea speaks to us about the impact of the globalization on art in the boutique industry.

4:00 - 4:15 pm Spotlight
Boutique Baby Food by Boutique Babes
Evelyn Rusli, Co-Founder & President, Yumi
Interviewed by Ariela Kiradjian, COO, BLLA & Co-Founder, Stay Boutique
Evelyn Rusli is a New York Times journalist turned entrepreneur, perhaps wandering one of the most unique paths presented at Stay Boutique Live. Rusli Co-Founded Yumi, the boutique concept that delivers organic, nutritious, baby food alongside her long-time friend and Co-Founder Angela Sutherland. The women left established positions together to pursue a new career as innovators in the world of child development, specifically in regard to more healthfully fulfilling children’s dietary needs. We talk to Evelyn Rusli about her experience entering a new field after feeling settled and unfulfilled in an original, the passion behind Yumi, and stress management for the women leading boutique.

4:15 - 4:35 pm Story
The Woman Spearheading Boutique Science
Ara Katz, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Seed
Interviewed by Michelle Planta, Executive Director & Creative Strategy, Clique Brands
Ara Katz has led an extremely unique existence.  The mother has played a role in founding three major startups within the male dominated technological and scientific fields.  Her latest venture, Seed, is disrupting the global probiotics market with a commitment to science, transparency, and education.  Seed includes a board of scientific advisors, and a web presence that explains what, exactly, the science behind the product is in language made accessible to the average consumer.  We talk to Ara Katz about her experiences as a serial entrepreneur, bringing diversity into the workplace, and the ways in which boutique is most conducive to a scientifically based and sustainable product.

4:35 - 5:00 pm Keynote
The Rejuvenation of the Travel Agent
with Melissa Biggs Bradley, Founder, Indagare
Interviewed by Frances Kiradjian,
Co-Founder & CEO, Stay Boutique and BLLA
The concept of the travel agent as a career is, if anything, near extinct in today’s society with the instant accessibility afforded by the internet. Indagare, however, if anything, represents a new incarnation of the travel agency - a boutique, experiential version that offers its members a modern advisor to immersion within exotic spaces, one that fosters education and personal transformation through travel, not unlike Stay Boutique. Melissa Biggs Bradley, who wrote for Town & Country and launched Town & Country Travel, finds inspiration from her passion for the travel industry, and created a platform for passionate travelers to connect, engage, and explore boutique travel. We are so excited to have Melissa Biggs Bradley speak to us about taking part in construction of the expansion of the boutique travel community and industry alongside Stay Boutique.

5:00 -7:00 pm The Closing
The Stay Boutique Galentine’s Day Party

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Ariela Kiradjian