The Bosco

The Bosco-Stay Boutique Live

About The Bosco…

We create photo and video experiences for brands. Our work can take a simple form, like a digital photo booth for a Chanel Fashion Week Party, or be more complex like using facial recognition or building a video booth directly into a Lexus. Regardless, brands love us because we create unique experiences that also connect to social media, which makes us a powerful marketing tool.

Our HQ is in New York, and we have offices Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, but our work has been everywhere, from an international tour with Lady Gaga, the Winter Olympics in Russia, even the White House.

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The Bosco Experience @ Stay Boutique Live

The Bosco will be co-hosting a pop-up photo booth experience inside The Stay Boutique Village.

Stay tuned for more details!

Ariela Kiradjian