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For the traveler who revels in the freedom to discover and connect with what’s special about a place, Two Roads Hospitality unites two companies to form the most extraordinary independent hotel management company in the world.

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Living the Hotel Lifestyle Everyday:  The Case for Lifestyle Hotel Residences
by Todd Wynne-Parry, Executive Vice President, Global Acquisitions and Development
Two Roads Hospitality

As the interest in lifestyle hotels continues to grow among travelers and developers, the challenge lies in making such projects feasible.  In markets unable to achieve average room rates in excess of $350 per night or with extremely high land or construction costs, a stand-alone, full-service lifestyle hotel will typically struggle to stack up economically.  So how are developers feeding the demand for such product?  Enter Lifestyle Hotel Residences.  By blending a condominium or apartment component with a lifestyle hotel development, the returns on the overall project start to create a compelling economic return. 

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