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Thousands of users use iVvy to manage every part of their events. Whether you are a small event organiser, a large venue or work for a fortune 500 company, iVvy has all the features that you need to create a successful event.

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By Lauren Hall, Founder & CEO, iVvy 

We are living in a digital era — a realization which directly affects the way we approach our life, work and leisure. Across generations we witness the prioritization of a digital experience, a large‐scale appreciation (and in most cases, demand) for the ability to remain connected 24/7, without interruption.  This expectation for a modernized, refined digital experience has evolved the way we work, and the ways in which businesses connect with consumers and third parties. Within the hospitality realm specifically, prospective travelers and agents have long‐since expressed a need for a seamless, time‐conscious booking process. While this solution has long existed for individual flights and hotel reservations, industry professionals have been faced with a notorious gap in the booking process for groups and events. In fact, the process of booking events and meetings is largely outdated, broken and still trapped within a manual format that creates a wealth of headaches and neglected leads for planners and hotel sales managers alike. This represents a frustrating injustice to hotels and planners now, perhaps more than ever, as we continue to shift into what could be called the “experience economy". It seems that regardless of political uncertainty, austerity and inflation, consumers are spending more on experiences rather than material items. With this interest in unique experiences and events ever‐increasing in the eyes of the modern guest, hotels are faced with a unique opportunity to capitalize on an influx of small, medium and large‐scale events. This is music to a hotelier’s ears, as they visualize years of potential revenue through means of events and group bookings.

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Ariela Kiradjian