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Aurora Elixirs-Stay Boutique Live

A little bit About Aurora Elixirs…

Aurora & Astraeus Purveyors create and market premium, cannabis-infused products. The companies’ mission is to apply refined sensibilities and business savvy to elevate the quality, consistency, and professionalism of the growing cannabis market.

The companies’ Founder, Victoria Pustynsky, is an entrepreneur with over a decade of luxury branding and sales experience in the beverage industry.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of the emerging recreational cannabis industry, Victoria and her collaborators deliver beverages and brands that are thoughtfully conceived to deliver the ideal, nuanced yet transportive experience for the body and mind. Victoria’s experience with the world’s most esteemed wine and spirits brands has informed her product development process, honoring the natural essence of the cannabis plan first and foremost.

Victoria has held leadership positions in brand management, trade marking and sales at the most prestigious global suppliers, including Moët Hennessy USA and Suntory USA. Most recently, she has consulted lifestyle brands on products ranging from boutique regional imbibeables to multi-national icons. With Victoria's strong ties in the food, beverage and lifestyle industries and strong commercial and creative support, Aurora is poised to break through, advancing the cannabis industry into new categories with limitless potential.

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Aurora Elixirs will be providing their amazing CBD beverages at our F&B hubs and hosting an immersive booth at The Stay Boutique Village!

Stay tuned for more details!

Ariela Kiradjian