Stay Boutique Live Testimonials


Love what I’ve been seeing from BLLA and Stay Boutique.
— Timothy G. Franzen President, Graduate Hotels

You VALIDATED so much of what we have been doing for the last eight years.
Love your writing and your thoughts.Thank you and keep up the smart work!
— DEBBIE WARDROP General Manager The Resort at Port Ludlow

After attending the Lifestyle conference last fall, I’ve been keeping up on the messaging and efforts of BLLA.
It excites me to see the direction the association is heading!
— Liane Eastman | Director of Sales and Marketing Shore Lodge | Whitetail Club | The Cove

Fantastic conference! So thought provoking. Loved the fact that skilled professionals in their own right were utilized to conduct the interviews. That’s truly the way to extract the ‘pearls’ of wisdom.
— David Shafran, Principal, Paran Hospitality Management

The event was well executed and had some incredibly relevant content.
— Caroline Dyal, Pivot Hotels

It was, as usual, an excellent event—one of my favorites of the year! Congratulations to you and your team; you always manage to pay attention to every last detail, and it’s noticed.
— Stephanie Ricca, Editor in Chief, HotelNewsNow

We’d like to thank you again for recognizing our very special hotel and giving us a level of exposure we couldn’t have possibly created on our own. The Boutique Hotel of the Year Award and the attention we’ve received from it has helped make our expansion an immediate reality rather than a long term dream. The continued support and interest that we received has not only effected our business, but the entire Springfield community. In turn, it has allowed ownership the opportunity to continue to invest in our city and the boutique lodging industry.
— Sean, Skellie, IDM Hospitality Management & Hotel Vandivort

I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you again for the opportunity to speak at your conference! One of the hotels that attended reached out to us and scheduled a “Road Show Pop Up” shop in 4 of their hotels. It was such an amazing experience and we met so many new people.

We had such amazing press throughout as well! I was able to speak about Luba and the pop-ups on Houston Life (a CBS Morning Show), and we received a lot of press from bloggers, magazines, and other news segments. It was such a great way to get Luba out there and we would never have had this opportunity without your conference. So thank you!!
— Hannah Payne, CEO, LUBA

As a relative newcomer to boutique hospitality, the BLLA Leadership Conference provided me with access to an excellent network of top professionals and a broad range of insights from leaders that are driving the future of the industry.
— Bobby Lady, Founder & CEO, CITYZEN Spa & Sento

The BLLA Conference was very enlightening and informative ... as someone who has been involved in the Hospitality industry it really was great to see the new ideas and the detailed insight to a niche that has largely been ignored by the “major” conferences. The meeting logistics were first class and the care given to us as vendors was again second to none. I had access to all attending and all that were there made it a point to talk to anyone that approached them. Thank you Frances, for making this conference a true reflection of BLLA and the Boutique Lifestyle.
— Yogi Rawal, MCOM Communications, VP Sales North America

Thank you for providing this engaging platform for independent boutique hoteliers to connect with each other, as well as the time to build relationships with the high quality vendors that we crave to do business with! This was my first BLLA conference and I can’t wait for the next conference!
— Heidi Stone, Mountain Lake Lodge, General Manager

The production quality and seamless execution of these events (NYC as well) truly impressed me. As someone who has participated in several similar functions, the professional caliber of the participants and the direction of consulting group the agenda is spot on. I must say that as someone who produces events, I recognize the challenges and I take notes at these conferences so that I can learn how to be better at what I do.
— Jody Pennette, Cb5 hospitality CEO and founder

The Female Empowerment conference was absolutely wonderful. It was a collaboration of women from all different backgrounds and travel industry experience sharing their thoughts, experiences and dreams. I took away much more than what I thought I would and with Fran organizing this, I had high expectations. What I found the most refreshing was all the speakers confirmed a common theme and solidified the foundation that a woman needs to succeed. At the beginning there was mention of women’s pay inequality that seems to be tossed around in the media now. However, all the attendees seem to agree that women need to do their research when obtaining a new role in what the salary and expectations are, go into the discussion with your checklist of what you want and for how much and not settle on the no settle items. We need to ask for what we want and not simply accept what is offered. In general women don’t negotiate like a man may for salary and that creates the majority of the pay inequality.
— Samantha Moske, American Express Global Business Travel Development

The TIEWN conference was engaging and provided interesting content for our industry while showcasing the talents of many successful women leaders. I thought it was a refreshing change and I was made to feel very welcome. This conference provided a platform for seasoned leaders to share knowledge and inspire younger woman to pursue their goals and appreciate their true value.
— Paula Twidell, Collette Tours EVP

Beautiful event - a fantastic venue, delicious food, incredible women, dynamic speakers, quality and applicable content and overall, an inspirational & worthwhile way to spend the day. Thank you!
— Tiffany Cooper, Marriott International, VP Development

This was a terrific event. It was nice to hear from some new voices in the industry, as well as some proven leaders. The pace was good, variety of speakers, and I especially enjoyed having Arianna Huffington there. For all the female business leaders in the room, she is a true inspiration! I was involved in the first boutique hotel boom in the nineties, and it’s nice to see this second wave of smart, independent hoteliers who are challenging the norm, focusing on experiences, and giving the customer an alternative to the “big box” brands.
— Laura Davidson, President, Laura Davidson PR

I loved this conference! The speakers and moderators were incredibly engaging and mixing up the lengths of the sessions/panels was a great way to keep things moving along nicely. Of course, everything about the show was beautiful (and delicious!) and it was just overall a simply lovely and informative day.
— Ashley Atkins, Executive Editor, Hospitality Trendz

Great sessions. Inspired and educated! Love the innovation coming from the boutique hotel space.
— Adam Glickman, Principal, Paralux Hospitality

The BLLA Investment Conference was a luxe, orchestrated and eye-opening experience for me.
— Robin Bradford, President, Robin Bradford Collection Ltd.

This event is a true who’s who in hospitality. The mix of speakers and topics were relevant and interesting in today’s boutique world.
— Ali McKinney, Strategic Accounts, Brizo/Delta Faucet Company

The conference was an excellent blend of branding and financial overviews of the industry. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with leaders in the industry.
— Mark Ware, Mission Point Resort, CFO

Great event! Excellent network with new leadership in the boutique hotel business.
— Jeff Stokvis, Sr. Director Strategy, Sapient Razorfish