Mill & Thread

Mill Thread-Stay Boutique Live

A little bit about Mill & Thread…

Mill & Thread is a different approach. It is the unique, the one off, the coveted. It is the personality of 1888 Mills. It is a way to differentiate what everyone else is doing from what everyone else wants to be doing.

Mill & Thread was born when we let our highly creative team of young professionals run loose and color outside the lines. “The sky is the limit” they were told, What would you create if there were no boundaries?

Mill & Thread is not for everyone and it is not offered to everyone. It is a collection of unique hospitality products for those who are not status quo. The product has a history, a story and life. It is alive and breathing and evolving with every turn.

We are the ones who know how its all made yet question every process. We are passionate about textiles and always hungry for innovation. We are the incubator of new ideas for 1888.

By day, we are in product development, sales, manufacturing, warehousing, but by night, by night we are creators and dreamers.

Our group is small but mighty, we create from our hearts and souls and the result is a collection of unique products not found anywhere else.

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Mill & Thread will be hosting a pop-up experience at The Stay Boutique Village. Their team will also be attending the conference.

Stay tuned for more details!

Ariela Kiradjian