Lather-Stay Boutique Live

A little bit About LATHER…

Lather’s Mission Statment:
“To offer a superior body care experience by creating products using the highest quality, effective natural ingredients, and providing exceptional services that not only treat the skin but educate the consumer.

Since the beginning, we’ve strived to inspire a healthier, more radiant life. By taking a holistic approach to skin care, placing our focus on sourcing natural ingredients and essential oils, as well as drawing upon the benefits of aromatherapy, we provide high quality products that care for the skin as well as the mind.

As our brand continues to grow, we aim to take this ‘holistic’ vision to a higher level, seeking out opportunities to give back to the community, educate our customers, sustain the environment, and support endeavors that help others lead a more radiant life.”

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The LATHER Experience @ Stay Boutique Live

LATHER will be hosting a pop-up experience & store at The Stay Boutique Village. LATHER will creating a blending bar activation at their booth.

Stay tuned for more details!

Ariela Kiradjian