Meier lake


Meier Lake-Stay Boutique Live

Meier Lake sponsored the 2019 Stay Boutique Live, The Trifecta Conference. Arlo Hotels also collaborated with Stay Boutique on the badge lanyards. Their Director of Marketing and Sales, Steve Solari also held a salon discussion at the event.

Please give a summary of your company
Nestled on 122 acres of pristine Alaskan wilderness, this peaceful resort is the perfect escape. Just 50 minutes from Anchorage International Airport, Meier Lake is one of the most beautiful and private resorts in Alaska.  Tie the knot on the lakefront terrace or brainstorm ideas with business partners along our private trails. Wherever your Alaskan adventure may take you, let Meier Lake be your home base. 

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What were you trying to achieve by working with BLLA/Stay Boutique?
Our goal for attending the BLLA/Stay Boutique show is to bring awareness to Meier Lake and it opportunities for fellow sponsors and attendees to consider Meier Lake as a destination for executive / corporate / family retreats as well as awareness for the Alaska as a destination.

How did you hear about BLLA and Stay Boutique?
We learned about BLLA/Stay Boutique from Renee Miller of the Miller Group who introduced me to your lovely mom at The Lodging Conference in Arizona in 2018.

What was your experience like at Stay Boutique Live?
For us, the conference was great. We were pleased with the exposure the platform gave us to promote our brand to attendees and vendors alike. Additionally it was beneficial to attend the speaker series to here from the industry's heavy hitters about the world of boutique in its current state.

Did you stay in touch with the attendees after the conference?
Yes I have reached out to many of the attendees we met, and quite a few vendors.

How do you see yourself or your company continuing to be involved with BLLA & Stay Boutique?
We see ourselves continuing the relationship with BLLA/Stay Boutique as members.

How do you see BLLA & Stay Boutique helping the boutique community?
To continue to provide a platform that highlights the talented individuals, teams, and brands that are promoting the curated experience by way of newsletters and live events.