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Case Study on Stay Boutique Live

Art of Tea-Stay Boutique Live

Art of Tea’s Founder, Steve Schwartz will be speaking at the 2019 Stay Boutique Live: The Trifecta Conference. He hosted a tea at the 2017 Leadership Edition Conference.

Please give a summary of your company
Art of Tea hand blends and custom crafts the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals. Our teas are carefully selected directly from growers, each one offering a unique story. We combine aesthetics with passion, flavor, and high-quality control to create a delicious tea experience.

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What were you trying to achieve by working with BLLA/Stay Boutique?
By working with BLLA/Stay Boutique, our goal was to connect with decision makers who are dedicated to delivering exclusive high-end beverage experiences to their guests.

How did you hear about BLLA and Stay Boutique?
We heard about BLLA and Stay Boutique from a hotel partner where we successfully developed a custom tea program.

What was your experience like at Stay Boutique Live?
We were surrounded by a fantastic group of people with a passion for hospitality and top of the line guest experiences.

How do you see yourself or your company continuing to be involved with BLLA & Stay Boutique?
We plan to stay involved with BLLA and Stay Boutique by sponsoring the upcoming conference in 2019 as well as having our CEO Steve Schwartz as one of the presenters at the event share some critical insights on customization and profitability for hospitality beverage programs.

How do you see BLLA & Stay Boutique helping the boutique community?
We see BLLA & Stay Boutique helping the boutique community by connecting thought leaders across disciplines who are all focused on creating an elevated guest experience