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Case Study on Stay Boutique Live

Arlo Hotels-Stay Boutique Live

Arlo’s Managing Director, Javier Egipciaco spoke at the 2018 Stay Boutique Live: Investment Edition Conference. Arlo Hotels also collaborated with Stay Boutique on the badge lanyards.

Check out Javier’s on-stage session Here —->

Please give a summary of your company
Arlo is the essential homebase for urban explorers—a launchpad for local experiences; a place to rest up and recharge between adventures. Refined but approachable design elevates everyday occasions. Thoughtful spaces invite visitors to express their creativity. For work, play, or any purpose, Arlo provides guests the foundation and inspiration to reach their goals, their way.

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What were you trying to achieve by working with BLLA/Stay Boutique?
We wanted to get in front of a like-minded audience of creative, inspiring people involved in the boutique industry.

How did you hear about BLLA and Stay Boutique?
I was familiar with BLLA's Awards, and thought the organization had a lot of synergies with Arlo.

What was your experience like at Stay Boutique Live?
Wonderful! Javier was able to meet with a lot of industry leaders in a someone casual (i.e. less stuffy) conference environment. It was an approachable place to meet colleagues.

Did you stay in touch with the attendees after the conference?
Javier has kept in touch with a few!

How do you see yourself or your company continuing to be involved with BLLA & Stay Boutique?
I saw that the BLLA Awards are now open, and am very interested in submitting Arlo Hotels. I wouldn't be surprised if we open a property in LA eventually and also start working with BLLA events out there!

How do you see BLLA & Stay Boutique helping the boutique community?
I think it has provided a great platform for all of the boutique industries to come together with the goal of broadening the reach of independent, unique concepts.