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Case Study on Stay Boutique Live

Kind Traveler-Stay Boutique Live

Kind Traveler has been involved with BLLA since 2014 and has always supported the initiative to help the boutique hotel world flourish. Their CEO & Co-Founder, Jessica Blotter, has spoken at Stay Boutique Live before including interviewing the CEO of Virgin Hotels, Raul Leal.

Please give a summary of your company
Kind Traveler, a public benefit corporation (PBC) launched in late 2016, is the world’s first socially conscious ‘Give + Get’ hotel booking and educational platform that empowers travelers to benefit the wellbeing of communities, the environment, and animals. Exclusive rates are offered from curated ‘Kind Hotels’ when travelers give a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the visiting destination, or to a favorite charity of choice. 100 percent of the donations raised on the Kind Traveler platform go directly to charities. Travelers can search for Kind Hotels based on initiatives towards wellness, sustainability, and community impact. Kind Traveler’s impact goals are aligned with the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development addressed to prevent poverty, promote environmental sustainability, reduce inequality, and advance the wellbeing of both individuals and animals. As of October 2018, Kind Traveler represents 80+ hotels in 8 countries and 55+ charities.

Kind Traveler received the ‘Best Ethical Travel Agency of 2018’ award by ELUXE Magazine in the UK, has been featured in 300+ news and blog outlets, and was selected as one of 100 businesses in a new hardback book titled ‘Disrupt: 100 Lessons in Business Innovation.’

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What were you trying to achieve by working with BLLA/Stay Boutique?
When Kind Traveler was in its early development stages before launching, it was important to have a pulse on the boutique hotel and travel industry as a whole as we shaped our mission. By originally attending the conferences as a journalist and later creating whitepapers and research studies for BLLA, I was able to gain the insight needed to move my business forward.

Later, Francis Kiradjian, BLLA’s CEO, offered me a writing assignment opportunity where I would interview 10 leading CEOs in the hospitality industry. One of the interviews was with Raul Leal, CEO of Virgin Hotels, who agreed to be the first hotel to join the Kind Traveler platform. Today, Kind Traveler represents 80+ hotels in 8 countries and 55+ charities serving local communities, the environment, and animals. Sustainable tourism initiatives have never been easier for hotels to participate in as the future of travel moves towards purpose-driven experiences.

How did you hear about BLLA and Stay Boutique?
I discovered BLLA through one of its influential research studies online when writing a travel article for a news outlet.

What was your experience like at Stay Boutique Live?
Stay Boutique Live was an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded industry leaders and grow meaningful relationships. Through speaking opportunities with Stay Boutique/BLLA, it was possible to share Kind Traveler’s mission with a community that’s helped to move our initiatives forward.

Did you stay in touch with the attendees after the conference?

How do you see yourself or your company continuing to be involved with BLLA & Stay Boutique?
As a community member with BLLA & Stay Boutique for many years, I see myself and Kind Traveler continuing to evolve and grow deeper relationships within this influential community. The biggest impact happens when we all work together. It’s by going deeper with existing relationships where a broad eco-system of support, sharing, and meaningful action takes place. I envision Kind Traveler continually being a source of inspiration through collaborations with BLLA/Stay Boutique that propel the boutique community towards a kinder and more sustainable future through travel.

How do you see BLLA & Stay Boutique helping the boutique community?
I envision BLLA & Stay Boutique bringing a community of innovators, insiders, creatives, and visionaries together to share inspiration from their successes and business growth. Through this connection, the community will have an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships resulting in rewarding collaborations.