SHINING a spotlight on boutique's best - stay boutique award nominations for 2019


Please note: Any links annotated with an asterisk (*) is a paid category. Any submissions to these categories will be added to the judging queue once payment has been received. (The Fee is $150 and please click here to pay for the submission for Boutique Hotel, Lifestyle Hotel or Boutique Restaurant).


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Boutique Concepts 

Not only is our community comprised of amazing professionals in the boutique hotel space, but we touch every facet of hospitality. That is why we recognize not only hotels at our annual award ceremony, but bars, restaurants, retail and beyond. 


Boutique projects

Boutique thinkers break rules with their groundbreaking collaborations and boundary pushing. Inclusion in this community grants its members ample opportunity to innovate and be creative. Nominate your favorite boutique project.

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boutique minds

We're so lucky to be a part of a movement lead by some very distinguished individuals. These are the entrepreneurs responsible for pushing our sector into the future.