The Conference

Re-branded from The Boutique & Lifestyle Leadership Symposium


We are the future of hospitality.
Always have been, always will be.

BLLA is known in hospitality as the association that disrupts...basically, we like the good kind of change. This conference is meant to congregate the leaders and influencers in our community who will take the boutique sector to new heights (you thought boutique had it's moment? You haven't seen the power of boutique quite yet...)


This conference has 3 purposes

  1. educate the boutique community

  2. meet like-minded people 

  3. celebrate boutique

Our theme for this conference is: Boutique has made it, what’s next?

We will discuss everything that has to do with the boutique community: hotels, restaurants, bars, fitness studios, retail, festivals, parties and such. We believe that there is a whole new mindset that has come to life over the past few years, and that’s the boutique mindset. This includes the creative, forward-thinking and innovative people who believe in the power that “boutique” holds. BLLA is changing up the hospitality industry conference landscape drastically and will be launching the new wave of hospitality during this conference. 

Past Speakers Include

Michael Dubin, Dollar Shave Club
Raul Leal, Virgin Hotels
Craig Susser, Craig's
Heather Tierney, The Butcher's Daughter
Benjamin Trigano, Mama Shelter
Trina Turk
Arianna Huffington
Ian Schrager
Mark Birnbaum, Catch Restaurants
Christopher Norton, Equinox Hotels
David Bowd, West Elm Hotels
Tony Kurz, Brandmark Collective/ Karl Lagerfeld Hotels
Richard Born