We created stay boutique in....

2016, when we realized an great shift in hospitality. BLLA fought so hard for so many years for boutique hotels to be taken seriously, and finally are since the industry realized that boutique is the jackpot. But then we figured that there was going to be even more change that was going to come to the industry fast and as the official association for boutique hospitality, we needed to be ahead of the game. So we created 2 new platforms for the industry that will be launching this fall.

  1. the official list of boutique hotels in the world, so there's no confusion

  2. RELEVANT content & inspiration for the boutique thinker 

Through creating vital resources for the industry, we also noticed a new trend, collaborations. Boutique thinkers today are all about working together (instead of against each other) and using their own strengths to help other's weaknesses.  

Your new favorite website is coming made from pure passion for boutique.

With love,

Frances & Ariela Kiradjian

Founders, Stay Boutique

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