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Our mission

Stay Boutique exists for innovators and culture curators - the people who shape society and connect individuals; the Boutique Believers. Boutique Believers create brands whose products and services impact lives - whether that means fostering cherished moments or complete changes in lifestyle.

We gather the leading minds and creatives of boutique both on and offline - the people passionate about change and the influence of experience.  We invite Boutique Believers to join us for our Stay Boutique Live gatherings, follow our various media platforms for news, and prepare for our digital ecosystem.  We are the home for the boutique community.

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Our events

Stay Boutique Live produces immersive, experiential events for the boutique community. We host conferences for some 350 attendees, intimate invitation-only dinner parties for selected leaders, and everything in between. Past and annual events include:

  • The Leadership Edition

  • The Female Empowerment Edition

  • The Awards Edition

  • The Investment Edition

  • The Stay Boutique Social Club Dinner Series

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We’ve believed in
experiential events sinCe 2010.

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