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The brand that hosts the world's only boutique community conferences


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Stay Boutique Live, the investment edition

june 5, 2019
new york city

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IRL* Experiences for the boutique movement

we inspire & unite
the community of the world’s greatest thinkers

we are powered by stay boutique and blla.

We have re-branded all of our events to live under
"stay boutique live”

*IRL=In Real Life

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire & unite the world’s global boutique concepts. Stay Boutique is the organization that represents the boutique community (hotels, lifestyle & beyond). Our Live platform inspires and educates hundreds of leaders within the boutique space to continuing prospering. 

We gather the thought-leaders, movers and shakers that make boutique the international powerhouse industry it is today. This is where boutique comes together. 

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Our events

Stay Boutique Live produces immersive & experiential events for the boutique community. We host anywhere from 350 attendees at conferences to 10 attendees at dinner parties.
-The Leadership Edition
-The Female Empowerment Edition
-The Awards Edition
-The Investment Edition
-The Stay Boutique Social Club Dinner Series

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We’ve believed in
experiential events sinCe 2010.


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